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Global Medical Travel Care, LLC (GMTC), is a medical tourism facilitator based in the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic, well - known Prague. The Czech´s health care system has very good quality of its medical services and medical study in Czech Republic has long tradition dating from 14th century.

Meet Our Founders

Global Medical Travel Care, LLC (GMTC) is dedicated to supporting clients of all nationalities as well as employers with expert consulting on overseas procedures. We help integrate medical tourism options for clients and employees as well as dependents at top rated accredited international medical facilities.

Europe’s Top Medical Destination

The Czech Republic is a nation state in Central Europe bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east and Poland to the northeast. The Czech Republic covers an area of 78,866 square kilometres with mostly temperate continental climate and oceanic climate.


Motol University Hospital

The mission of University Hospital in Motol is treatment of illnesses based on actual pieces of medical knowledge and to provide complex and specialized high quality care for all stages of human life.

Darkov Health Resort

Darkov Health Resort is located in the northeast of the Czech Republic. It consists of two medical facilities: Darkov Sanatorium in Karviná-Lázně Darkov and Rehabilitation Sanatorium in Karviná-Hranice. Darkov Health Resort is a well-known medical facility which is popular for a high-level treatment based on extraordinary natural wealth of iodobromine brine which is rich in iodine, our professional staff, and the quality of extra services.

Proton Therapy Center

We are an advanced clinical centre with the newest and highly exact technology for treatment of patients with cancer. Being actively used since 1992, proton therapy significantly improves and extends treatment of tumours near vital structures with minimal damage to healthy tissue and risk of secondary complications. Proton therapy is one of the methods of therapy for malignant tumours that offers the best prospects in the 21st century. The experts assume that amongst the curative therapies, proton therapy will have a stronger position.

Malvazinky rehabilitation clinic

Malvazinky rehabilitation clinic is one of the most prestigious rehabilitation clinics in Central Europe. We provide the highest quality orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation in addition to a wide range of out-patient and in-patient care. We have a unique approach to post-operative care which ensures surgical success through our world class rehabilitation programs and relaxing atmosphere.


The ISCARE I.V.F. joint stock co. Clinical Centre has been providing specialist medical care since 1995.


GynCentrum s.r.o. is a private medical facility established in 1992. We provide medical treatment in the fields of gynecology, plastic and esthetic surgery, plastic gynecology, internal medicine and mammography. We also provide preventive programs in gynecology and breast and internal diseases (including obesitology).

Gemini Eye Clinic

Gemini Eye Clinic is a high-tech private clinic and its long-term tradition of eye surgery has been widely recognized and respected. At GEMINI our objective is the best possible quality of your vision.

Na Homolce

Our aim is to provide our patients with modern and minimally invasive methods of treatment, including robotic surgery, and to offer them the benefits of advanced medical technologies.

Rehabilitation Hospital of Beroun

The Center of medical rehabilitation, which has a contract with all the health insurance companies, provides comprehensive medical rehabilitation in and outpatient way, or during hospitalization, especially for patients after an orthopedic surgery, mainly after total knee, hip or shoulder joint surgery and after arthroscopic surgery of large joints.

Ankara Güven Hospital

Established in 1974 with the aim of providing health services at world standards, Private Ankara Güven Hospital continues to transfer the needs of modern medicine to its patients by combining it with years of experience.


YES VISAGE Clinic is a European international clinic of aesthetic medicine and plastic and cosmetic surgery with full range of preventive and aesthetic medicine, dermatology and surgeries. It is the leading and largest clinic of aesthetic medicine and plastic and cosmetic surgery in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with 5 branches in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Bratislava.

Our mission

Our mission is to focus on obtaining the highest quality of medical care and treatment for our clients, while offering full-turn-key travel package to fit the client's need, thus eliminating any and all worries. We believe in "saying what we do; then doing what we say" while helping our clients make informed decisions and changing one-life at a time."

Meet Our Founders

Mr. Daniel Miksovsky


Dr. Richard C. Farmer

VP and Chief Medical Officer

Mr. Robert Kralicek

VP Operations/Patient Satisfaction