Liaison for Middle East Patients

Hassan Jabbar Hussein - Head of English Department 18 in teaching English - is a member of TESOL in US from 2014. Professor Hussein is an excellent Translator of Arabic to English Language and is also an excellent Communicator. Mr. Hussein has many Skills and different experiences he has acquire throughout his life. Mr. Hussein, resides in Iraq/ Amara and has joined the GMTC team as our Liaison for patients in the Middle East. Mr. Hussein assisted Dr. Farmer, our Chief Medical Officer for nearly three years as his translator for patients while practicing Medicine in Iraq. Mrs. Hassan will now continue to help his community by helping patients in need of Medical Care to facilitate these patients to Prague for individualized Medical treatments and procedures.

To contact Professor Hussein; you may email him at or at, his cell phone contact number is 00964-7705604101 with Asia cell mobile services in Iraq.


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