Proton Therapy Maintains Quality of Life for Teresa From UK

Teresa (43) from England was diagnosed with a serious type of brain tumour, and was given the devastating news this year that she only had 6-12 weeks to live. She went to Prague for a special treatment known as proton therapy.

Teresa did not give up however and, together with her husband, contacted a UK based patient charity which referred them to the Proton Therapy Center in Prague - the newest proton therapy clinic with world renowned specialists in radiation oncology and proton therapy. After sending her scans electronically, Teresa received a prompt reply from the specialists at the center approving her for a 3 week cancer treatment known as 'proton beam therapy'. It was said that this revolutionary cancer treatment can help her decrease the symptoms and improve the side effects of her cancer. There was one major obstacle though – after brain surgery Teresa could not fly. Fortunately, Prague being so close to the UK, she and her husband were able to leave and drive here over the weekend. A pleasant hotel was already arranged for her within walking distance of the center as part of the patient management service.

Teresa and her husband were pleasantly surprised to discover just how comfortable the experience was here in Prague, and the professionality of the centre: "The experience here at the Proton Therapy Center in Prague has been unbelievable really, everything feels so natural and comfortable, a lot different from going to a regular hospital back home. There you are one of many, and we are one of many here too, but the difference being that people here make you feel like you're the only one here. The staff put you at ease, people greet you every morning, the girls at the reception are wonderful, always caring and supportive. We have felt supported from the minute we first arrived, and it's not just from one person, it's from everyone."

Teresa was also impressed with the quality of the medical staff at the Proton Center in Prague, and praised them for the assistance they provided her: "Our doctor has been absolutely wonderful, and put us right at ease, made us feel that we could ask any question whatsoever - she was fabulous, and even followed us up with calls. And Prof. Herbst (medical director) has just been superb - he can explain things very clearly, and it enables me to ask questions about follow-up treatment like what to do next… and Prof. Herbst answered all those questions for us, and put us right at ease, and made us feel very comfortable."

Teresa's husband described the improvements his wife experienced, even during the treatment process itself: "At the start of treatment, back at the hotel, she would pick something off the menu, and sometimes she would have forgotten by the time the waiter had come to see her, what she actually wanted, and she'd look at me and ask - what did I want to order? And now, she's able to do that again. And that's incredible, this improvement has all happened in a 3 week period! "

Teresa herself noted that she felt much better during the proton therapy treatment process: "Even during treatment I have experienced improvements in terms of memory, speech, and many things. During our trip here, I could barely say anything, could barely speak, and last night I wrote a full SMS text message on my own. I could barely have spelt a single word 3 weeks ago. I've noticed improvements in memory, improvements in speech, and improvements in my ability to solve problems." Teresa also spoke of her Prague experience, which may be of interest to other UK citizens considering treatment at the Proton Therapy Center. Teresa visited the city center, the zoo and many other places during her stay. "There are plenty of things to do here in Prague. The treatment time is short, only 30 minutes per day, so we have a lot of free time for other things during the treatment process. "

Source: Proton Therapy Center, September 2013


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