Read Joe's story about prostate cancer treatment

Joe (69) was diagnosed with prostate cancer after his GP in the UK sent him for a routine blood test. "Although my PSA level was 7.2, the first biopsy didn't show anything significant. My urologist suggested a second more extensive biopsy to establish if active surveillance was the correct cause of action. This revealed more invasion of the prostate gland and the recommendation was 1-2 months of X-ray radiotherapy. At this point I had to take a deep breath and ask for time to consider the future."

Joe was on a vacation in Prague for a full month and, by a coincidence, came across an article in the Blesk newspaper (30.1. 2013) about a proton facility in Prague. "There happened to be an article about your center and the positive results being achieved with prostate cancer treatment. My urologist gave me a list of possible treatments, but did not mention proton therapy to me – so I was just lucky to come across this article,“ says Joe with a smile today. He did his own search and was persuaded by the characteristics of protons, in that they are very accurate, and greatly reduce the side effects associated with usual treatment options.

Joe approached PTC directly, met Dr Ondrova for the first consultation and started a 5 session treatment cycle almost immediately. As he says, the treatment went very smoothly, he spent no more than 30 minutes in the centre on each of the visits. "I didn't feel anything during the proton irradiation process and at one point I thought, are they doing anything to me at all? Of course I had to turn around into the right position which took some time but this was not a problem,“ Joe adds.

What did he think about the centre itself? "I think it is a wonderful facility - simply state of the art, bit of a science fiction". And the medical staff - "I could talk with the doctors about anything which was also quite important - they answered all my questions and concerns as well as put me at ease and made me feel that my illness is only passing by". He also appreciated the easy accessibility of the facility from the city centre– "I was able to drive myself to the centre every day without difficulty."

Now, 3 months after his proton therapy, he has returned to the Proton Center for a regular check up with great news – his PSA level has dropped significantly to 2.9! "Of course, there is still some way to go but I can't stress enough that this must be the route forward." Joe said. Finally, commenting on Czech, he observed that: "Prague is being recognized more and more in the eyes of the rest of the world“, not only for it's rich history and culture, but also for it's technological innovations and being at the front of latest available healths treatments."

First British Prostate Cancer Patient After 2 Weeks Treatment by Proton Therapy in Prague - with no pain, no side effects

Source: Proton Therapy Center, October 2013

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